The island of Korcula, Croatia

Korcula is a pretty nice island on the Adriatic, in Croatia.

The city of Korcula is often called “little Dubrovnik” and it is interesting to many visitors who come to enjoy the sun, the sea and Dalmatian food. Korcula is ideal for families with children. 

It is comprised out of the old town surrounded by walls and located on an oval peninsula, a baroque settlement around the mentioned walls and new neighbourhoods east and west from the city centre. In the city you can find many social, cultural, economic and health facilities and associations. 

According to the 13th century legend here a famous world traveller and explorer Marco Polo was born, and his native house has been visited by tourists from all over the world.

If you come to Korcula, you can easily find the accommodation in one of the private apartments.

Also, you can take a charter boat and go on one of the excursions to the nearby cities or towns, and we recommend you to visit the beautiful old city of Split.

The island of Korcula is very interesting and worth visiting. Enjoy your vacation on this sunny island!Image


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