Schnee in Dalmatien?

Sehr sch├Ân! Really beautiful and unusual in Kastela, Croatia! ­čśÇ

Kroatien - ein Land mit tausend Gesichtern


Im Februar, 2011 erwachte Dalmatien unter einer dicken wei├čen Schneedecke. Alles was ruhig, leiseÔÇŽ Der Verkehr wurde lahmgelegt, und alle verlie├čen ihr Haus um dieses sehr seltenen Ph├Ąnomen zu genie├čen.┬á Das Photo zeigt einen Strand in Kastela.┬á Lustig war, dass die Dalmatiner keine Ahnung hatten, wie man jetzt die Stra├čen und Zufahrten putzen soll, keiner hatte Schneeschaufeln. Allein in Split gab es 700 Knochenbr├╝che, doch keine ernste Verletzungen. Sogar die verbliebenen M├╝cken (ja, manchml ├╝berleben Sie auch den Winter ­čśŽ ) wurden vom Schnee verweht. Die gro├če Freude von Kindern war, dass es keine Schule gab, fast eine Woche lang. Und auch die Erwachsenen kamen nicht am ersten Tag zur Arbeit. Doch am Ende bleibt eine sehr sch├Âne Erinnerung, und die Hoffnung dass auch in diesem Winter der Schnee unsere K├╝ste besucht. Hier k├Ânnen Sie┬á einige Gallerien ansehen, wie kreativ die Tage mit Schnee in Dalmatien verbracht wurde:

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Crazy party on the island of Pag in Croatia!

If you are traveling along the Adriatic coast you will definitely see lots of interesting things and places.

One of my favorite places is the island of Pag. This unusual island is full of diversity. Every person can find something interesting on the island.


Summer on the island is something magnificent. If you are looking for the entertainment, be sure that you will find it in one of the numerous cafes and bars. Also, many concerts and festivals are organized during the summer. Besides that, you can relax and ejony on one of the beautiful beaches.



Island of Pag is well known for the place called Novalja. There you can find a beach called Zrce. It is famous among the young people. Young people from all over the world come here to party. Many famous DJ-s perform here. This beach is the reason why more and more visitors come to see island of Pag every year.


if you prefer something quiet you should visit it during the September. In September, the weather is still great, the sea is clear and there are no crowds like in summer months.


If you are wondering where to stay while on Pag, there is a huge offer of private accommodation. You can rent an apartment, room or holiday house.

I like to go there in every part of the year. The nature is beautiful and each season brings something good and interesting. So I hope you will have a chance to visit this unusual island.

Who doesn’t like Dalmatia? No one!

According to the latest statistics, the number of visitors in the season months in Croatia is rising from year to year. It turns out that every tourist wants to visit Dalmatia.
What is so appealing when it comes to Dalmatia and why do Trogir, Split, Makarska and other nearby towns attract more and more visitors every year? This beautiful Croatian region has a warm climate and breathtaking landscapes.


The beaches on the Makarska Riviera are among the most beautiful in the world, and the turquoise sea in hidden bays, on the Dalmatian islands of Hvar, Brac and Korcula, fascinates every tourist. Dalmatia will also amazed you with the fascinating fragrances of Mediterranean plants, tastes and scents of Dalmatian cuisine, klapa music, etc. Klapas are the traditional vocal ensembles.


Walking by the sea, enjoying local cuisine and hospitality of the hosts are a guarantee of a true relaxation. Of course, lovers of active vacation and nightlife will be pleased, too. There are places especially for them. Hvar and Makarska have a large number of bars and clubs. In recent years, Spit, the capital of Dalmatia, has increased its popularity offering a variety of activities for young people. That is also a reason why it has become a favorite city for a city break .

Pirates of Omis – Omis in Croatia

I remember when I was a teenager, my mother told me that we are going to visit my aunt in Omis. And as every teenager, I was not happy about it. I found it so boring. Visiting my aunt in Omis? Why do I have to go? What am I going to do there? But, let me tell you that I was surprised because I didn’t find it boring, not at all. Actually, I was more surprised by myself, not by my aunt and not by the Omis itself. That was the point when I fell in love with Omis. The visit was short so I decided that I was going to come back one day. And I did. But after a few years. And then I found out the things that I am going to tell you about. And the story goes like this…


Omis is a town in Dalmatia in a gorgeous state of Croatia. The town is situated near Split and there are only a few people who have never heard about beautiful old city of Split and its Diocletian palace. But, lets go back to Omis. Omis is today, still, well known for the Corsairs of Almissa (Pirates of Omis). So, they have a tradition of perform a Pirate fights every year, it is a kind of festival of Pirate games.


Citizens of Omis are very proud of the Cetina river and the canyon of Cetina river. It is beautiful and breathtaking. The nature around the old city of Omis is just magnificent. Omis is proud owner of many gorgeous beaches so there are pebble, sandy beaches and many others. Omis is exceptional place for vacation. For those who search for active vacation there is earlier mentioned river Cetina. You can go on rafting, canoeing and kayaking. You can also go free climbing, cycling, paragliding, scuba divind, etc. From all, Omis is best known for the traditional Klapa Festival (in Dalmatia klapas are gropus singing a cappella).


This city is really worth seeing. It is quite old and its central part will leave you breathless. There are numerous monuments that testify that Omis is old city with remarkable history. When you come to Omis, you will be welcomed by the hosts and you will find that this city has a long tradition of Dalmatian cuisine so you can enjoy all the flavours of this unexplored city. Second time I came in Omis I was with my friends so I did not go to my aunt’s place. We rented an apartment. So, if you were wondering where to rest, I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. There is a huge offer of the private accommodation. So, you can stay in apartment, room or maybe even in some holiday house. If you are type of person who likes to become one with the sea, there is definitelly something that you can do about it. You can take a charter boat, as we did, and go across the bay or even further. If you wish, you can sail to the ancient southernmost Dalmatian city Dubrovnik. If you find out that you like Omis, you will definitely love Dubrovnik. I must say that all the cities and towns along the Adratic coast are pretty, each one of them in their own way. But for now, just close your eyes and imagine pirates of Omis and old city of Dubrovnik and hope to see these wonderful cities next time you decide to go on vacation.

Are you at least a bit interested in Omis now? I hope you are. I know that you won’t be disappointed if you use your vacation for visiting this beautiful city in Croatia.